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Luther's Table Leadership Team

Upon re-opening the open mic at Luther's Table, I spearheaded the establishment of the Leadership Team in collaboration with Paul Kacynski, Alex Enger, and Kinza Shafir. Leveraging our personal connections with the space's mission and identifying previous challenges, we have embarked on developing intentional strategies for after-school activities, social programs (such as AA/NA), and the revival of live music events on Saturday evenings.


As part of re-opening with a revised vision, community input is actively sought to shape the future direction of the space. I orchestrate coordinating and chairing meetings, recording notes, and distributing action items.


Camp Rahh Marketing Consultant 

Following my participation as a sponsor at Camp Rahh in 2022, I have been invited to join their esteemed staff to enhance sales promotion and elevate the overall camper experience for 2023.

This year witnessed a remarkable accomplishment as we achieved a sold-out status two months prior to the event. This achievement can be largely attributed to our effective marketing strategies across social media platforms and targeted email campaigns. With this success, our focus now shifts towards working with sponsors in delivering an unparalleled experience for the campers.


South Renton Connection

Upon discovering my local neighborhood group, South Renton Connection, I was enthusiastic about becoming actively involved. I actively take notes in meetings and help the group spread awareness of community events. In the past, I've helped develop flyers for different events, including the crime and safety town hall and community picnic.

Lankas Lithuanian Heritage Summer Camp

Volunteer/Camp Counselor 

Within our monthly planning meetings, I wholeheartedly provide valuable input on children's activities, schedules, and related matters. During the camp week in 2023, with the weather being much hotter than anticipated, I acted as the Safety Officer, walking the camp to ensure all camp attendees were safe and hydrated! 

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